We have confidence in the following sectors to invest in as they are the backbone of Spain economy and added value but also because they support long term growth trend:

Why Spain?

  • Economics: robust growth and one the highest in developed countries.
  • Real Estate: market with many demographic and structural investment opportunities.
  • Infrastructures: 3rd country in the world for fast roads networks and 1st country in Europe for high speed train railways.
  • Hospitality: 2nd most visited country in the world (83M tourists) and most competitive country in the hospitality sector.
  • Digital transformation: rising e-commerce with room for fast growth (only of 4% of retail)

Why Residential?

  • Madrid and Barcelona are now international hotspots for international companies who care about their workers welfare.
  • Shortage of affordable housing.
  • Rise of lease vs ownership.
  • House as a “service” with different new concepts only entering the market.

Why Logistic?

  • Great infrastructures.
  • Rising e-commerce.
  • Many + 500K inhabitants cities.

Why hospitality?

  • Spain is home to some of the main hotel operators in the world, especially in the leisure segment.
  • 14,6% of GDP is based on tourism and 14,7% of employment.
  • Lease models.
  • Fragmented ownership.
  • Many sub markets (Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Urban cities…)

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